Why Join Broker’s LLC?

Why Join Broker`s LLC?

Starting to achieve personal goals can take time and money without prior preparation. At Broker’s LLC, the professional support is genuine and inspiring, helping to reach goals that become achievable in Real Estate with a 100% commission on sales.

With specialized advice from our team, we provide training and full support for the programs you undertake. Questions like “Can my business grow?” and “How can I obtain an innovative and market-revolutionizing value proposition?” will have the full backing of our professionals. We believe in mentorship that guarantees economic and social growth for every real estate agent.

As we approach our second decade in the real estate industry, we are integrating into the market with a view to a much broader and more innovative reach. Our business focus is on activity calendars, live and recorded weekly sessions.

Your participation in the real estate market is the key that opens the doors to your clients’ dreams. This growth is much more accessible when you feel the freedom to execute it, having the exclusive benefits as members of Broker’s LLC. Promoting your brand will increase effectively, ensuring you are experienced professionals.

What are the pillars of Broker’s LLC?

Operations and Support

Through our app or website, the opportunity to grow with 24-hour access to our offices is crucial for your own benefits. Free use of conference rooms in any city in the United States, either in person or via Zoom. Bank transfers to your entity within 24 hours, 100% commission advance, and client listings belong to you.

Support and Training with Expert Advice

One of our most important premises is assistance and legal advice in marketing your new venture to have your own identity package across all social networks. We ensure mobile-friendly websites with your own URL, email with signature included. Design of business cards with templates from our platform or custom, 6 digital brochures, an online store for your real estate, and sales elements to reach all your clients, facing market challenges.

Technological Innovation and Being Part of a Community

Entering the market allows us to identify tools we can use to reach any place, any corner of the territory where you operate. At Broker’s LLC, we are committed to supporting your commitment, keeping your app and daily messages updated will give you the possibility of being a successful professional in the world of real estate. Together, we can achieve more!

What benefits does Broker’s LLC offer?

For real estate agents, it’s important to emphasize that from our perspective, we can provide complete support that includes:

  • Broker Support: with advice and guidance from professionals in all areas.
  • Legal Support: Broker’s LLC offers a team of lawyers providing legal advice on contracts, taxes, and laws.
  • Training: A variety of tools, skills, and knowledge for business success.
  • Cutting-edge Marketing and Technology Tools: Promotion and client outreach for the best efficiency and productivity.
  • 100% Commission: Agents receive the full amount of their commissions, allowing for higher income.

Membership and Commission

We offer three alternatives for agents who want to join:

  • Express Residential Sales: With a 150% sign-up and 39% per month, benefits include support, pre-construction tours, corporate benefits, 24-hour office access, marketing suite, and lead generation form on your professional website.
  • Residential Sales with 80% Commissions: Same benefits mentioned without a website but with their own business profit.
  • Platinum with 100% Commissions: Full support with a professional website, enhanced marketing and social media influence, and phone access across the territory within your reach.

At Broker’s LLC, you can overcome any fear and insecurity about launching into the market, focusing on what the customer wants. 100% commission for you with support, from taking a risk to a new center of opportunities across the territory. It’s our priority that your business turns out as you wish.